Let’s talk style!

Style plays a major role in the overall theme of a wedding. Strategically choosing each decoration, planning the menu to compliment the season, and of course picking out the perfect wedding dress to pull everything together… it’s all part of the big picture. Even considering your wedding stationery as a preview to your big day can help draw out inspiration for your upcoming wedding festivities and give guests a sneak peak of what’s in store.

So, what are some of the main things to consider when it comes to wedding style? Here are our top 4 picks!

1. The Dress

Obviously, as the bride, you are the center of attention. So, your dress is key! Style is everything when it comes to the way you look on your big day because you set the tone for the day. Whether you’re style is simple, elegant, natural, or over the top glam – choose a dress that is right for you! Many brides choose a dress that matches or fits with the theme and aesthetic of their wedding.

Eddy K lucia

2.The Invitations

Wedding stationery can serve as a sneak peek into your wedding festivities and will help set the tone of your big day. For example, modern art deco invites might help your guests think museum wedding during the day while rustic wedding invites might lead them to think more relaxed outdoor wedding. Your invitations are so important not only because of the vital information they provide, but because they serve as a symbol of your wedding vibe which definitely contributes to your wedding day style.

3.The Wedding Party

Style can show through in more than just the decor and venue, the wedding party can speak volumes to the mood of the day and represent a couple’s taste. A matching wedding party probably means the couple is a bit more serious and a more sophisticated atmosphere is probably what’s to be expected. And if you have a wedding party dressed to uniquely match the aesthetic while also showing off their individual style a laid back reception could be in store.

Jenny Yoo Bridesmaids

4.The Venue

In a church, outdoors, or at the beach. The venue is going to be the backdrop of your big day and will alter the style of your wedding right off the bat. Sometimes choosing the venue before anything else can help keep you on track to a cohesive and put together wedding.


No matter what your style is make sure you stay true to yourself when choosing your dress, your invitations, and everything else! If you are just now embarking on your wedding planning we have a beautiful inventory of dresses to match every bride’s style. And if you are looking for your wedding invitations, table name cards, or guestbooks head over to Basic Invite to shop all of your stationery needs!