With all the social media sites that are out today the wedding world has taken a turn into the technical age. New social media sights are popping up daily.  Brides now have the option to spread their joy on more than one platform. Brides can do spread their love with wedding websites, hashtags and Snapchat filters.  These are great ways to get people involved with your wedding.  Guests can better prepare for the upcoming occasion. They can also share their happy times with you through these helpful tools.

Wedding Websites:

A great way that Brides can use technology, is to start a wedding website. Websites can come as a great advantage to a wedding.  These websites can have all of the information your guests want and need, all with the click of a button. These websites can showcase your registry information, engagement photos, bridal party, travel accommodations for out of town guests, and so much more.  A website can help a bride’s guest have better access to all things for the big day.  So brides, do yourself a favor and get a website! This will help limit the calls from frantic guests and family members, who lost there invites and can not remember where you registered. And lets be honest we all want nice things, so why not make it easier to for people to figure out what you want to start your future!marriage-918864_1920


Another great way for the brides and grooms to spread there love with the world would be making a wedding hashtag.  The couple can decide on a unique and catchy hashtag for the guests of the wedding to use when they take pictures and post them to social media sites. There are even websites that will help to generate a hashtag if you can not think of something yourself. We all need a little help sometimes because not all last names mesh well together, so use those websites! Hashtags are awesome because everyone can see how much fun your having at your wedding and how happy you are to be married.  #sharethelove pexels-photo-318540


The couple can even make a Snapchat filter for the happy day so that guests may use. Some couples may even want to have more than one filter to give there guests some options to play with! There are many different ways that the happy couple can use technology to their benefit to make their day as joyous and carefree as possible. This also gives your guests something extra fun to do at the reception.  Couldn’t get a photo booth? Well here’s another fun picture idea for the guests to use! Your guest can have a fun story to share with all of their friends using your filter and everyone with know how much fun they were having on your big day!