With the royal wedding less than a week away, the world waits anxiously for the big day. The many questions spirally around this day will finally be answered! Here at All Brides Beautiful, our consultants are waiting anxiously for the moment when Meghan Markle’s wedding gown will be revealed! In the months leading up to the special day, the big talk has been ‘what will she wear.’  We have heard many different ideas on the Meghan’s wedding day look and we are here to help break it down for you!


A Dress Fit for a Princess

The dress at a royal wedding has always been cause for great speculation, and Meghan Markle’s dress has been no exception.  Over the last few months, there have been many renderings and musings of what the royal wedding dress will look like.  We all remember the beautiful grander of Princess Diana’s wedding dress and the traditional elegance of Kate Middleton’s wedding gown.  With both of these dresses fresh in the public’s mind, Meghan’s gown will be just as awe inspiring.  The question is what direction will Meghan take;  will she go the more traditional route or push the line into something more modern and edgy?

Many dress designers believe Meghan Markle will wear a more fitted dress than previously seen on royalty.  Traditionally royal wedding gowns have a fuller skirt and a fitted bodice with a sleeve.   As bridal fashion trends showcase more and more fitted dresses, Meghan follow with the current trends.  Many designers are portraying Meghan’s wedding gown as a fitted dress with a fuller detachable over-skirt.  Over-skirts are becoming increasingly more popular in the wedding fashion industry.   While the over-skirt could be worn for the church ceremony, Meghan would be able to remove the skirt for the following reception. A detachable over-skirt would allow for the bride to have two looks in one!  The bride may showcase more than one look for the big day, much like Kate Middleton had on her wedding day.

We can all assume that Meghan will not show up to the church with a strapless wedding gown.  But how covered will she be?  In the past, we have seen royalty wear full length sleeves on the wedding day.  This may be the same for Meghan,  but we expect her to have a more modern approach.  We may even see something off the shoulder!  We do know one thing. The world does not have to wait long to see the beautiful creation that is Meghan Markle’s gown.


Decadent Jewels

Meghan Markle has a tendency to wear understated and delicate pieces.  If she follows in the footsteps of the royal family, we can expect to see Meghan’s wedding band as the traditional Welsh gold band.  We do not expect the bride’s wedding day look to be over accessorized.  She will want to keep the jewelry to a minimum. However, will Meghan wear a tiara to finish off her wedding day look? Previously, Kate Middleton wore the Cartier Halo tiara which was passed down to her by Elizabeth II.  Will Meghan keep with tradition and wear a tiara from the royal family?  We expect she will, seeing as this is such an iconic symbol of royalty.    We expect Meghan to wear a traditional tiara paired with a simple but elegant earring.

Kate Middleton wearing a tiara and elegant drop earrings on her wedding day. (PC: Getty Images)

Love is in the Hair

Two words to describe Meghan’s hair and makeup style: natural and elegant! Because Meghan keeps her makeup on the minimal side, we can assume she will want a more natural look on her wedding day. On the red carpet, Meghan pairs most outfits with a simple lip to compliment her genuine beauty. Makeup artists have predicted we will see Meghan in her signature black eyeliner and full lashes.  Meghan looks amazing in a beautiful blowout, or a sophisticated chignon. As we approach the big day, it is possible we will see Meghan exhibit a beautiful half up-do, much like her future sister-in-law. Based on past styles, we know Meghan will not disappoint.




Meghan Markle’s wedding day look will be fit for a princess. The world will have to stay tuned this Saturday for the big reveal!  However, if you want to witness the wedding live you will need to wake up early.  The royal wedding is set to begin at 12:00pm in England.  Many networks will be starting their live coverage at 4:00am or 5:00am. Set your DVR’s now because you will not want to miss a minute of this beautiful day!



Feature Image Photography Credit:  Alex Lubomirski /Getty Images