Many of the brides that come into our store are very discouraged by the amount of large stores that they have visited. They often feel like they were not listened to or cared about, but rather viewed as just another sale. We understand the desire for many brides to shop around and check out all of the different options out there, however, we encourage them to stay local, shop small, and have a personalized experience.


Here are 4 Reasons to Shop Small:

1) Personalized Experience

Our main priority is YOU. We are here to create the best bridal shopping experience for you and you have our utmost attention. It is not about making the sale, it is about creating a memory that will last a lifetime. We love to be there every step of the way- from finding the gown, to matching the perfect veil, to accessorizing, and choosing your bridesmaid dresses. We enjoy assisting you in making your wedding vision come to life!

Modern Trousseau Gown

 Modern Trousseau


2) Education 

We take pride in our ability to evaluate your body type and educate you on what would be the best fit for you. We are here to educate you on the fit, what silhouette works best, and the quality of fabrics used. Even if you are not all about the bridal experience, understand that smaller boutiques will be able to educate you to provide you with the best information so you can make an informed decision on your bridal gown. This is something that larger stores will not take the time to do.

Custom Alterations


3) Unique Inventory

We try to provide you with a wide range of styles, silhouettes, and fabrics so that you will be able to find the perfect gown for you! The problem with larger stores is that many brides become overwhelmed with the sheer number of options. Although options are fun to have, having some structure is helpful when making this big decision. We take the time to visit Bridal Market in New York each year to select the best options with you in mind. Although we are a smaller boutique, we try to provide you with hand-picked, couture options that stand out above the rest.


4) Customized Alterations

Our in house seamstress, Sadie, will bring that personalized experience to a whole new level with customizations, a personalized sketch, and a monogram. Many of our brides wish to add sleeves, straps, or even extra details to their wedding gown. Sadie is able to make those wishes come to life, one stitch at a time. We encourage our brides that whatever you wish, Sadie can make happen. She made her own wedding gown from scratch as well as our sales associate, Emily’s wedding gown. We say these things so that you will fully trust that you are in good hands when it comes to your alterations.

Wonderful heirlooms to have are a personalized sketch & monogram. Sadie will sketch up a picture of you in your wedding gown with your completed wedding day look. Many of our brides have used this as an opportunity to provide a gift for their fiance or display it at their guest table. A personalized monogram is also something that we can create. We will sew in a monogram of your maiden initials in blue thread for the perfect, “something old” and “something blue”. Just ask about our personalized options!





Shopping small goes beyond just shopping at a local store, it is an intimate, experience that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Shop small today!