We love to assist our brides in finding the gown of their dreams, but we are also here to help them out every step of the wedding planning process. We urge our brides to really invest in a good photographer. One that will capture your day, the emotions, the love, the laughter, and the moments in one beautiful image.

Here are 5 local wedding photographers we rave about:

1. Black Box Photography

Black Box Photography does an amazing job at capturing gorgeous wedding photos! They have an ability to not only show every aspect of your wedding on film, but also the nature around you. From blue skies, to green grass, and the sunshine peaking through the trees, you will be sure to have a breathtaking backdrop!  Our very own seamstress, Sadie, chose Black Box Photography for her wedding and raves about the beauty of her photos!

Check out their website: http://blackbox-photo.com/

Our very own beautiful in-house seamstress, Sadie, chose Black Box Photography:




 2. Marissa Decker Photography

Marissa has done several of our bride’s weddings and has an amazing ability to capture pure, raw emotion. We could see our bride’s personalities through her photos with intimate shots that show the true feelings that you experience on your wedding day. When you look at her page, you will see that many of her photos capture a couple laughing and sharing in the beauty of their wedding day.

Check out their website: http://www.marissadeckerphotography.com/

Our beautiful bride, Christina chose Marissa Decker Photography:




3. Mindy Sue Photography

Mindy also does an amazing job of capturing real moments of emotion when it comes to her wedding photography. Many of our brides have gone with Mindy for their photographer because of the beautiful photos that she captures. She carries a vintage style with her that many brides are looking for by the editing and special touches she adds to each photo. We also hear great things about her welcoming personality, making each bride, groom, and bridal party feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Check out their website: http://mindysuephotography.net/

Our beautiful bride, Carolyn chose Mindy Sue Photography:




4.  Suzuran Photography

Many of our brides have gone with Suzuran Photography for their special day, and we can tell why. Suzanne adds artistry to her photography that makes her truly unique and different. From stoic, stunning poses, to the beauty in nature captured effortlessly, Suzanne is able to capture a feel that is both modern and artistic.

Check out their website: http://suzuranphotography.com/

Our beautiful brides, Lauren & Naida chose Suzuran Photography:




5.  Genevieve Nisly Photography

Genevieve and James are an amazing pair and capture authentic moments, portraits, and details that stand out. Again, our brides have absolutely raved about their photography! Many of the moments that happen on your wedding day are true, raw moments that happen in an instant, having a photographer that can capture these moments is so important and so special.

Checkout their website: http://www.genevievenisly.com/

Our beautiful bride, Alyssa chose Genevieve Nisly Photography:


Alyssa S.


We stress to our brides the importance of an amazing photographer to capture the authentic moments of their wedding day. Because in the blink of an eye, and the end of the night, your wedding day is over and you are left with the memories captured on film of the best day of your life!