Generations of (not) Wearing White

When choosing your wedding gown the color makes a big impact on the overall look. Many brides think wearing white is the most traditional style. The surprising fact is, wearing white on your wedding day was not popular until late 19th century. The trend of a white wedding gown started with Queen Victoria. The queen wore a elegant silk satin gown dripping in lace, although the royal women previously wore a deep red dress. Queen Victoria broke another social statute when her bridesmaids wore white to support her down the aisle. This trend was mimicked when Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa Middleton wore a creamy white dress to the royal wedding in 2011. Brides before Queen Victoria wore all colors on there big days, regardless of social status. Colored dresses are no longer a thing of the past, designers are incorporating more color into gowns for the modern bride.

Queen Victoria in a non-traditional white silk satin lace gown.

Is not Wearing White a Modern Fashion Faux-pas?

Eggshell white, diamond white, and ivory may look all the same to you, although they each bring out a different feature in the bride. The color of your dress relies on your personal style. When buying your gown most dresses come with many color variations. Commonly, the under skirt and top layer of the dress can be contrasting colors to showcase the details of the lace or beading. The color options are an easy way to make the gown uniquely yours. Many brides are choosing to integrate pops of color in there wedding dress. This includes colored gowns, opposed to white or ivory. The more fashionable brides are wanting an avant-garde look for there big day. Today’s bride can wear anything down the aisle and still look timeless!

Another non-traditional color beautifully displayed on this couples wedding day. ( Jim Hjelm Occasions Dupioni A-Line Gown)


“Gold is my favorite color so that’s what I wore on my wedding day — a gold-sequined, boat neck sheath. My husband was blown away when he saw me walking up the aisle toward him.” Karen

Ivory is the New White

When you walk into most bridal shops the racks are filled with ivory gowns. Ivory has become the dominant color in many bridal salons. The main reason ivory is more prevalent is the shade looks better on a majority of skin tones. Also, textures and details of a dress become more visible when the ivory contrasts. This is why Queen Victoria first wore white, to highlight her beautiful lace. As modern brides are choosing wedding gowns the color options are plentiful. When buying your dress remember you can start a new trend too.

A gorgeous ivory gown surrounded by shades of whites (Custom Honey Gown).


Feature Image Photography Credit: Corey Reeb @coreyreeb (Instagram)