As you walk down the aisle, you gaze into the eyes of your soon to be husband. His dark blue suit looks dashing as ever, and you know this is the right choice. Black suits are a classic choice of the groom, although blue has been making a significant appearance. More grooms are choosing to wear alternative colored (even patterned!) suit styles. But what colors do your bridesmaids wear? How do you coordinate flowers? Here are Three Tips on how to pull off a nontraditional suit. 

1. Bridesmaids Dress to Impress

Bridesmaids are at your wedding day to support you, as well as make you look beautiful. The groom must look his most handsome on your wedding day, so the bridesmaids must complement his look. Most bridesmaids choose lighter colors like, pastel pinks or blues, with dark blue suits for a Summer wedding. During a Fall or Winter wedding the main colors of the event are more rich like, burgundy or evergreen. The deep tones of winter colors pair well with a dark blue, grey, or black suit. For a nontraditional suit the bridesmaids can be simple to let the groom stand out because it is his wedding day too. Your bridesmaids will look their best if they are comfortable and complete you and your fiances wedding day vision.

Photographer: April G Photography

2. The Bouquet

Flowers can add a lot to your bridal party look on your wedding day. You and your fiances look will be complete when his style shines through in not only his attire, also the accent pieces. To highlight his suit choice the flowers should have an accent colors matching his suit. If flowers are not your first choice your lanterns, feathers, or unique bouquets should be complimentary when coordinating his color of choice into your accessories.  In order for your bridal party to look cohesive it is important to tie in the elements of the dresses, suits, boutonnieres, and flowers.

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3. Have fun with His Choices!

Your fiances style is important to show on your big day. Whether he wants to wear navy blue or flaming red, he can do so while still looking handsome. His style is exciting to incorporate into your big day to show a true representation of your relationship. He should get a say in more then just the flavor of the cake, and encourage him to think outside of the box. The unique suit he chooses will be a special sentiment when looking back on your wedding day.

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PC: Christina Rosario Photography