One of the challenges for a professional bridal consultant is managing your bridal expectations. Every consultant wants their bride to achieve their unique and special bridal vision. As a bride, thinking about the style of gown, type of fabric and doing some research before starting the shopping process can really make for a great bridal experience. When establishing your budget, consider your fabric and gown silhouette preferences. Do you like the sheen of satin, or the flow of organza? Do you want a cathedral train that gives drama as you walk down the aisle, or  a simpler style perfect for a beach wedding?

Managing Your Bridal Budget 

The cost of a gown is determined by several factors; the type of fabric, the amount of fabric, lace and embellishment along with custom-made vs/ machine-made determine. A beautiful gown doesn’t have to cost thousands. But a bride dreaming of a big ballgown with lots of beading is going to need a larger budget then a bride looking for a simple sheath. Understanding what’s behind the cost of a dress can help brides determine a realistic budget for her vision. Custom silk gowns with French lace and hand embroidery cost more then a stock dress of synthetic fabric and lace.  Most bridal boutiques carry several designers in a range of prices. When making your bridal appointment, let them know what you’re looking for and the budget you want to stay within. Ask if their gowns fit your budget and criteria.

Managing your Bridal Timeline

Let them know the date of your wedding to make sure that when you find your perfect gown, it can be ordered in time. Most bridal gowns take 4-6 months to come in and then several alteration appointments to fit perfectly. Accessories, such as veils and jewelry to complete your bridal look, may also need to be ordered as well. Make sure you include them in your budget and timeline. Thinking about your unique bridal vision before your bridal appointment and then sharing your ideas with your consultant will help ensure a stress-free process and the bridal look of your dreams!