So you are recently engaged and ready to shop for the gown of your dreams. You’ve called multiple salons and boutiques in the area and are ready to see what kinds of styles are out there. This can be an extremely exciting time in the wedding planning process. Many of our brides describe the amazing experience they had while searching for their perfect gown.

However, I have seen many bride’s visions quickly disregarded by the large entourage that they bring. We understand that friends and family are extremely important in life, and especially during your wedding planning experiences. However, we encourage many of our brides to keep it small and intimate so that you have the best experience possible.

Here are 3 reasons less is more:

1) Intimacy is Special

Having a small entourage of two to three people ensures a great experience that is surrounded by those who are truly special to you. We encourage most of our brides to stick to the mothers, best friend, and a family member that is special to you. While searching for your gown, it is important to bring guests that will encourage you and share your vision. I have seen many brides sparkle slowly die down as the gown they fell in love with is disliked by the group that they bring. Everyone has a vision for what they picture you in, but it is important to be YOURSELF. Stick to YOU. After all, you are the one that makes the gown beautiful. Small, intimate settings are great for building memories that will last a lifetime. Yes, everyone is going to want to be a part of your wedding gown experience, but fittings are great for bringing other bridesmaids! At All Brides Beautiful, we usually have 2 to 3 fittings for our brides to ensure the perfect fit. This is a great opportunity to bring your bridesmaids or friends that wanted to be there for the bridal gown shopping. They can help you pick accessories and share in the experience of getting your gown perfectly shaped to you! This is when the gown truly becomes YOURS!

Store collage

2) Save the ‘Wow’ Factor

There is something so unbelievably special about walking down the aisle for the first time and your gown being a surprise to everyone there, including your groom. We encourage our brides to keep photos of the gown private leading up to your big day. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be remembered for the rest of your life. Your guests will also have the special memory of when you walk down the aisle. Not only showcasing your hair, makeup, and accessories for the first time, but your gown. Everyone has been dying to see the gown you chose for your special day, and sharing that moment will create a beautiful atmosphere!

3) Smaller Space

At All Brides Beautiful, we are a smaller boutique. Our Victorian-style home transformed into a salon is just that-an older house. With that, we have smaller rooms for each of our brides to have their own private experience. Many of our brides talk about enjoying the intimate setting of a smaller boutique, because it gave a more ‘home-like’ atmosphere where they felt completely comfortable. We have a good selection of gowns, but also a reasonable selection. Our hope is that you feel completely at home in our salon. Because we are a smaller boutique, we ask that you bring 2 to 3 guests with you so that you have plenty of room in your fitting room. We have accommodated larger parties, but it is often cramped and difficult to fit everyone in, especially when the bride is looking at ballgowns with fuller skirts. We want to create the most amazing experience possible that is all about you, and comfort is an important part of that!

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As you begin to plan your wedding gown shopping experience, take into consideration the ‘Less is More’ mindset. Bring those that will lift you up, encourage you, and share your vision for your wedding day. The intimate and small settings help create memories that will truly last a lifetime!