Our bride, Emily, said yes to this amazing Modern Trousseau dress.

When it comes to shopping for your gown we advise you to come with an open mind.  However, being open minded about the style of the dress is not the only thing to be open to.  Dress shopping is a very surreal experience.  Brides sometimes spend months looking up different styles and designers before the first appointment. This can be a great thing, the process can help narrow down the look you want to achieve on your wedding day.  However, as a bride you need to be open to any dress you fall in love with.   Also, be open to the possibility of finding your dress on the first appointment. Allow yourself to fall in love with the dress the first time.

Say Yes to the Right Dress

When shopping for your wedding dress, make sure that you say yes to the right dress. Don’t be afraid to say yes to THE DRESS. Many end up with a completely different dress than originally imagined.  If you fall in love with a ballgown and never want to take it off then that may be your dress.  Do not get to attached to a preconceived notion of the dream dress.  These thoughts and ideas can get in the way of what you really want.  You should not let an image in your head get in the way of the right dress for you.

Bridal Shopping- Tips for a Great Visit

Bride, Natalya, chose the dress at All Brides Beautiful.

 Say Yes to Now

Come with the mindset, “this is the day I am going to say yes”.  Bridal consultants are there to help you find THE ONE.  Don’t get caught unprepared when you find your dress, be ready to say yes now.   Chinese New Year is almost here, which means dresses made in China will take an extra month to get in.  For example, when a dress takes 4 months to make, production will now take 5 months.  Because of this you need to be aware of your time-frame to order.  Summer 2018 brides should be ready to say yes to their dress now.  To avoid rush fees, schedule your appointment today! Come into every  appointment with the intention of finding THE DRESS and don’t let another booked appointment cause you to wait.  Canceling an appointment because you have already found the dress is understandable.

Book Your Appointment

Come in with an open mind and a “say yes” attitude.  You need to be ready for the possibility of finding the dress.  This open mind lets you be ready today, and not a month from now.  The longer you stay away from the dress, the bigger the chance of passing on THE ONE!  Chinese New Year is right around the corner which could cause the need for a rush fee. Remember to be open to all dresses you try on.  You may just find THE ONE!