With the Jenny Yoo Collection big bridal sale going on during the month of August (15% off Bridal and 10% off Bridesmaids!) we wanted to show our appreciation for the amazing collection

of the Nabi Convertable Dresses. (Annabelle shown here strapless with the Mischka belt to add some bling)


Described as one dress- endless possibilities.

These bridesmaid gowns are great for the bride looking for a cohesive bridal party (whether  it’s color, material, or length) but would like her maids to each have a unique look.

You can put together a beautiful color palette of purples, blues, or neutrals;  Or mix and match styles:



Other dresses in this collection found in our store:

Bridal Gowns -Esme, Hathaway and Monarch

Bridesmaids – Aidan and Annabelle

These beautiful gowns are currently going through the process of being patented – for good reason!

The idea of one dress with 25 different looks is genius and we just love showing our brides all of the different ways to tie the gown.