Have you always dreamed of having a destination wedding but do not know where to begin?

Here are 4 things to consider when you are planning a destination wedding:

1) Dream Location

If you have always been a traveler, a destination wedding may be your DESTINY. Traditional weddings are not for everyone and destination weddings are a great way to branch out of the norm and create a special experience for your guests. Many locations have meaning behind them, such as a family vacation spot, or the proposal destination. Bringing your guests back to a destination that means a lot to you can give them a snapshot into your love story. From Italy, to France, to Scotland, to the Bahamas, and Florida-choose a location that you love.

Our bride Sarah's beautiful Scotland wedding

Our bride Sarah’s beautiful Scotland wedding! Dress: Nicole Miller ‘Janey’

2) Your Guests

If you have family and friends scattered throughout the United States, a destination wedding may be the way to go! Your guests will have to travel to you anyways, so why not make it a vacation for them as well! It is important to consider your guests when planning a destination wedding. Let your guests know with plenty of time to call off work and plan the trip. It is also important to not get offended and keep an open mind if your guests are not able to make it to your destination wedding. Traveling can be a challenge for some guests. For the guests that are able to make the trip, choose a hotel that is affordable and reasonable, yet still matches your overall feel of the wedding. If price is an issue, give your guests several options of hotels that may be less expensive yet slightly farther away from the venue. It is important to book the hotels and check availability before setting a date in stone. Another wonderful idea to get your guests involved and feeling comfortable is to create “goody bags” for your guests filled with items, brochures on things to do in the area, and reasons why this destination means something to you. This will give your guests a beautiful snapshot into the feel of your wedding and the location!

Timeline brochure for guests-a great idea!

Timeline brochure for guests-a great idea!

3) Hire a Professional

Wedding planning can be challenging from far away. Hiring a professional that can recommend other vendors in the area will help you choose the best vendors from a distance. Your wedding planner can send you photos, texts, and emails to constantly be in contact with you and local vendors. They can also help you every step of the way the day of, from setting up to tearing down, making sure it all runs smoothly. It is important to hire someone that understands your vision and will do whatever it takes to make sure that that vision comes to life. As a destination bride, you have to keep an open mind and trust that your wedding planner will execute your wedding.

4) Your Dress 

We always tell our brides to consider the versatility, style, and weight when searching for a wedding gown. Always keep your location in the back of your mind. If you are getting married in the summer on the golf coast of Florida, you may want to consider a lightweight, effortless style that is breathable. However, if you are getting married in the mountains of Colorado, you may want to consider a dress that has more structure, long sleeves, or adding a fur shawl. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel like the best version of yourself-beautiful just like you are!

Another thing to consider when it comes to your dress is the traveling process. We ALWAYS tell our brides to take their gown as a carry on. Your dress is an extremely important item that you want to be with you throughout the entirety of your traveling experience. It is also important to bring a hand steamer or find out if you have access to one to make sure your dress will look perfect!

Our bride Lisa walking the beach with her new husband. Dress: Nicole Miller

Our bride Lisa walking the beach with her new husband. Dress: Nicole Miller ‘Melanie’

Our bride Molly walking along the beach hand-in-hand as a Mrs.! Dress: Nicole Miller 'Dakota'

Our bride Molly walking along the beach hand-in-hand as a Mrs.! Dress: Nicole Miller ‘Dakota’


Destination Sale & Our Recommended Destination Designers:

Your dress is an important part of your wedding! We always say the dress and the venue set the tone for all of the other details of your wedding.  RIGHT NOW until June 10th experience 10% off of your order on your destination dress! It’s your DESTINY! ♥ Click here to schedule your appointment online or give us a call at 330.655.1339 to book your spot! 

The two designers that we suggest for your destination wedding are Nicole Miller & Eddy K Bridal.

Nicole Miller has sleek, sophisticated styles that are lightweight, timeless, and elegant.

Nicole Miller 'Hampton'

Nicole Miller ‘Hampton’

Eddy K has stunning gowns with unique laces, detailed low backs, and dramatic trains

Eddy K 'Fiji'

Eddy K ‘Fiji’