Once a bride has selected the wedding gown of her dreams, there are still a few more key elements to complete her bridal look. Selecting the right veil was the topic of a previous blog, as it’s the most important next step after purchasing the dress. After the veil, the focus can turn to other accessories. Those can include a belt, jewelry, hair ornaments and shoes. Some dresses need more accessorizing then others. A simple gown may keep a bride in budget, but adding lots of extras and bling, may push the total cost by hundreds or even thousands. Slightly pricier dresses that need fewer accessories can sometimes save a bride money and stress in the long run. Whatever dress you choose for your big day, we are here to help you add the finishing touches.

To Belt or Not to Belt

Our bride, Bridget, wearing Sara Gabriel ‘Kimberly’ belt. PC: Rachel Joy Barehl

One accessory many bridal consultants will add to a dress during an appointment is a belt. Typically, a dress with a seam at the natural waist looks best when a belt is added. A dress with lace or applique extending from the bodice beyond the waist may not require a belt. The amount of embellishment on the belt is determined by how much is on the dress. More is not always better. The cost of the belt is determined by the amount and quality of pearls, stones, crystals, etc and fabric. Sashes with dimensional flowers and sparkle or a simple silk ribbon that matches or picks up wedding accent colors are other great ideas. The scale of the belt relates in part to the size of the bride and detail of the dress. A big wide belt can overwhelm a petite bride! Rely on the expertise of your consultant to suggest the best belts choices for your particular style of dress and budget.

Add a Little Sparkle

Sara Gabriel ‘Chelsea’ Earrings PC: Marissa Decker Photography

Selecting the right jewelry for a dress can be daunting for brides. Prioritize what will be most visible. The color and materials of the dress and belt should be factored in to the choice of jewelry. There have never been more color options in bridal jewelry, from copper and rose gold to silver and platinum. If a dress has gold embroidery, gold-tone jewelry will look best. If a belt is silver with clear crystals and rhinestones, any jewelry selected should be the same or similar. Many designers offer both belts and jewelry which makes selecting matching pieces easier. The neckline of a dress will determine your need for a necklace. Sweetheart and v-shaped necklines typically look fantastic with a necklace. Illusion at the neck make necklaces unnecessary and can actually call attention to the illusion. The newer lariat necklaces with the detail hanging in the back is perfect for gowns with deep back. Again, the scale, metal color and type of stones on the necklace then determines the scale and material of the earrings. You don’t want large earrings and a big necklace competing for attention! Many bridal jewelry designers also include bracelets, broaches, ankle and foot jewelry in their collections.


Finishing Touches

A bride really can’t chose earrings or hair ornaments until she determines two things; how is she wearing her hair and is she wearing a veil.  Your hair stylist can give suggestions for ways to wear your hair to accentuate your jewelry and dress and allow you to incorporate specific hair ornaments.  Tiaras have gained popularity and can be worn with or without a veil. Jeweled hair combs look stunning paired with a veil or worn alone.Wearing your hair up or pulled back allows for beautiful drop or chandelier earrings to frame your face.  Jeweled hair pins and combs can look fantastic in hair that is pulled up. Again, choose colors and stones to coordinate with your other jewelry pieces. The bridal consultants and alteration experts where you purchased your gown can offer the best advice for the finishing touches for that picture perfect bridal look.

Stay posted to our next blog with your best bridal footwear ideas!

Feature Image PC: Rachel Joy Barehl