Modern Trousseau 'Tigerlily' ~ Fall 2016
Modern Trousseau 'Sailor' ~ Fall 2016
Modern Trousseau 'Courtney' ~ Fall 2016
Designer ~ Callie Tein

Modern Trousseau gown by Callie Tein is a one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art created to mark that very special moment when a woman becomes a bride.

Modern Trousseau’s couture designs are the ultimate in creativity and construction. Callie loves the luxury of working with fine French and Italian laces, imported silks, and delicate beadwork, and takes great care in selecting the fabrics that bring her 2-dimensional sketches to life. When the perfect fabric cannot be located, Callie will design the intricate lace patterns and unique beadwork for production in the finest ateliers.

 Made in the USA ~ prices from $2500 to $4500