All Off-the-Rack Liancarlo Bridal Gowns Now $2000 and Under

Style 6834
Style 6869
Style 6839
Designer ~ Carlos Ramirez

Liancarlo designer, Carlos Ramirez's bridal gowns combine feminine silhouettes with the use of luxurious fabrics, sumptuous textures and exquisite hand-work detail.

A Liancarlo dress is stunning proof that classic does not mean boring. From metallic threadwork to blossom-dotted bodices inspired by his paintings, every piece shows that Carlos is equal parts designer and artist.  Carlos brings his art to life. From concept sketch to muslin mock-up to finished piece, not only do his gowns show his commitment to making beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces, but also his devotion to making his clients feel inherently gorgeous.

“I want people to remember how beautiful the bride was, not what a beautiful dress the bride wore”

Made in the USA ~ prices from $2700 to $5900