Hair Flowers
Detailed Sashes & Jewelry
Exquisite Hair Combs
Designer ~ Erin Cole

Erin Cole has been dressing brides worldwide for over 20 years. With her high fashion style and exquisite taste her passion truly lies in the detailed art of styling brides. Since starting the company, Erin Cole has become a well know brand in the bridal market for her exquisite collections.

The detailed collection consists of couture veils, gorgeous sashes, tiaras, hairpins, and modern vintage style jewelry that has brides pulling them out of the chest every chance they get. “Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful? I’m thrilled when I hear a bride say that she wore her bridal accessories again for her anniversary or some other special event. These pieces are definitely not meant to be boxed up and thrown in the trunk. I say wear them every chance you get!”