Why We Chose Modeca for Our Curvy Collection:

We realized we were missing something at our boutique. Believing every bride is beautiful also means offering the opportunity for every bride to feel it! We loved our selection of gowns, but we felt as if we were missing a couture collection for our curvy brides. After meeting Modeca Bridal in the Chicago Bridal Market, we decided that Modeca was the perfect designer for our curvy collection! Modeca Bridal does not charge extra for plus sizing, which is huge for the bridal industry. We believe every bride is beautiful and should be treated with equal opportunities to find the gown of their dreams, without paying extra for the correct size.

About Modeca Bridal:

Modeca Bridal started in 1946 in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands. What began as a little shop that sold lace, buttons, and other knick knacks soon became a place that focused on design. Modeca wanted its focus to be on creating hand-crafted bridal gowns that would set them a part from the rest of the bridal industry. Now, Modeca is operating in 50 countries around the globe. Their goal is make magic happen for brides everywhere!

Special Offer:

Come experience the Curvy Collection Reveal at All Brides Beautiful August 8-12 to experience 10% off your bridal gown from our newest collection! We love our brides and are excited to share this with you!