Attention all Curvy Brides!! Yeah I’m talking to you.  So you got engaged, and you are loving life right now. Family and friends are congratulating you, while complete strangers are gazing with envy at your ring.  Life could not be better!  You’re looking at all those wedding magazines, envisioning the perfect day; the venue, the cake, and THE DRESS. That’s right, I said it, the dress. You start to think, “can I pull off the bridal gown I’ve always dreamed of.”  I completely understand, but I am here to give you some helpful advise for wedding dress shopping for a plus size woman.

♥ Do Not Be Intimidated ♥

Going into a bridal salon as a curvaceous girl will seem intimidating. You’ll walk in and look at all of the dresses hanging on the rack thinking “how is that going to fit me.”   This is because many bridal salons only order one dress in one size due to cost. Due to this most salons order sizes of the “average” woman. However, this does not mean that you can not try these dresses on.  If a dress is to small, shops can order you the size that you need.  At All Brides Beautiful, many of our dress designers can be ordered up to a size 28 and you will be measured for your dress size to get your true fit.   Also, do not be intimidated by the size of the gown that you may have to try on or order.  Bridal sizes run two sizes smaller that standard clothing.

♥ Research, Research, Research♥

Do your homework before you go looking for you special gown.  As I mentioned before many salons do not carry sample gowns in sizes highers that 14 or 16.  Go online and see what stores actually carry. Does the salon have more than one dress for you to try on? Double check that the boutiques you are interested have what you what you are looking for.  Do not be afraid to call into a salon and see what is available. Calling a store can help you determine whether or not you want to make an appointment.  At All Brides Beautiful, our new collection of curvy dresses by Modeca are available in plus sizes ranging from 16-24.  All Brides Beautiful in Hudson, Ohio also carries plus size sample gowns in their featured designers ranging from size 14 to 20.

Modeca 2017 Collection

Modeca – 2017 Collection – Trixi

♥ Love the Body You Own ♥

I’m going to say it one time, and one time only! Love you body!  Your engaged to be married to your special someone. They love you, so love yourself.  Now that it has been said I’m going to break it down for you.  Own your look and find the dress of your dreams.  Do not be afraid to wear a dress that shows off your curves if that is what you fall in love with. However, make sure you are comfortable in the dress you choose for you big day.

Modeca – Talin

♥ Curvy Girl, Curvy Dress ♥

Being a plus size girl does not mean you have to get a plus size dress.  It’s your wedding day!  You are absolutely allowed to get the sexy, curve hugging gown. You were blessed with them, so show them off. Plus size does not mean you have to buy the big ball gown, you can pull off a drop waist or fit and flare style. Make sure you are firm in getting the wedding dress of your dreams. Do not be swayed by others’ opinions of what a curvy girl should wear on her wedding day.

Modeca – Tokio

Now that all you beautiful curvy brides have some tips on how to handle your experience of shopping for the gown of your dreams.  You can go into you appointment with more knowledge.  Also, do not forget to check out our new Curvy Collection at All Brides Beautiful in Hudson, Ohio.

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