As cliche as it sounds, this statement could not be more true when it comes to your bridal shopping experience. While hunting for the gown of your dreams, our staff wants to create the best bridal shopping experience for you and your “I Do Crew”! When searching for your gown, there are so many things YOU can do to help us along the way.

Fill Out an Interview

After you book your appointment, we will send you an interview request. Our interview is extremely important, as it gives you an amazing bridal shopping experience. During your interview, you will fill out information on your venue, date, theme, number of bridesmaids, etc. This gives us a snapshot into your wedding, letting us get to know you before you even step into our shop and begin the bridal shopping process. When we know what a bride’s vision is, we can then begin to piece together what gowns will fit the overall theme of their wedding.


Book Your Venue & Date First

Before coming to visit us for your bridal shopping or first fitting experience, be sure that you have an idea of your venue and date. The venue and the dress go hand-in-hand, so be sure that you have an idea of the feel of your wedding before you look for a gown to compliment that. There is a big difference between a beach wedding and a traditional cathedral wedding and you want your dress to fit in perfectly with what you choose. Setting your date is extremely important because of the bridal timeline. Many gowns take about 4 to 6 months to come in and we suggest around 3 months for alterations, this means that finding your dress about 9 months before your wedding is a safe time. If you have not yet set your date, it is challenging to navigate what timeline will work best for you.

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Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind is so important when you are searching for your dream gown. We all know websites like Pinterest can be a huge help in the wedding planning process, but do not be too stuck on a gown or style you find online that you are not open to trying on something different. If there is one thing we could tell each bride, it is really that trying on the gowns make all the difference, because you bring the gown to life! Many brides end up falling in love with a gown that they never imagined that they would choose for their wedding day. Trust that your consultant knows their inventory and can choose a dress that will flatter your shape the most. You are already getting undressed, you might as well try on something a little out of the box! Who knows, it just might be THE ONE!

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Imagination is Key

We try to select gowns that are in an average size of between 8 to 14 and we recently added a curvy collection for plus size brides. Our desire is to have a selection of gowns that everyone can try on. With that being said, we have one of each style in our selection. It is sometimes difficult to please everyone when it comes to sizing, so it is important to keep an open mind and have an imagination when it comes to the fit of your gown. We have clips that really make all the difference in cinching in your gown and creating the shape. Our in-house seamstress, Couture by Sadie, can create the perfect fit for you-we guarantee it!

If you are looking to add sleeves or a custom detail, imagination is an absolute necessity! As stated above, Sadie can create anything that you could possibly want to your gown, but the creative process requires a vision and imagination. We can show you what a gown will look like with sleeves, but it is up to you to envision the overall look and be comfortable with taking a risk in a customzation. We pride ourselves in our custom work and creating a specialized experience for our brides, but it takes a little bit of assistance from you to ensure the best experience in this area!

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Make Sure Your I Do Crew is with You

If you know that you cannot make a decision without your mom, grandmother, or other members of your support system, then schedule your appointment around when they can be there. We have had many brides fall in love with a dress but cannot pull the trigger because their mom is not with them. It is the number one thing we hear!  If your mom is a deciding factor in the gown that you choose, then bring her along because you just might find the gown of your dreams on your first day of shopping. We want you to have the best experience possible and if that includes having your support system there, then we want them to be a big part of your day!

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Be Truthful

Truthfulness is so important in creating the best experience possible. We often have brides that come to us after falling in love with a dress at another store. Just be honest with us and let us know that there is another dress you have in mind. This gives us a good idea of where your head and heart is at and we can see if we have anything that is similar to the style you love. Continuing to try on gowns may confirm that you still love the other dress or you may find a new dress you love more, but being honest will help us continue to create a great experience for you. Truthfulness also comes into play when we follow up with you. We love to know where you are at and will never be angry if you choose a different gown, there is lots of competition out there and we understand this. If you have a follow-up appointment scheduled with us, but you have purchased another dress, just let us know. Again, communication is key in knowing where you are at. A no-show is no fun, so send us an email or phone call so we can know what your thoughts are!

Bring a Supportive Group When Bridal Shopping

A positive and supportive group really  makes all the difference. If you know a bridesmaid or family member is extremely critical and hard to win over, then do not bring them to the initial shopping experience. Bringing a large group or negative group really ruins the experience and can create an environment where wedding dress shopping is more of a chore than a memorable time together. We have seen many brides absolutely lose their sparkle when a family member tears them or the dress they love down. Know we know often this idea is easier said that done and everyone likes to be included in this special process. Perhaps invite them to an alterations appointment, that way they can be a part of this special experience, but your choice has already been made. It is so important not to settle due to other’s opinions-this day is about YOU! Do not forget that!

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Be Prepared to Say Yes at the Right Moment

You scheduled an appointment, gathered your support system, and have found the gown of your dreams. Not ready to pull the trigger? We always suggest coming in with the mindset that you will find your dream gown and be ready to make that decision. We have many brides that have that “moment” and know that the dress is the one, but then say they were not prepared to make this decision. It is important to come into your bridal shopping experience knowing that today might be the day you find the gown! We love to create a memorable experience by preparing sparkling drinks,  an”I said Yes” sign, photo opportunities, and little gifts for you. This experience is much more fun when you can “Say Yes” with everyone around you!

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Be Yourself

Help us help you by being yourself. We love you for who you are and want to get to know you when bridal shopping on a personl level. We love to create a relationship with you and follow up with you even after the wedding! You make the dress because you are perfectly you.

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