Tis the season for wedding gown shopping! Tis also the season for stress and family approval!
Here is a few hints on how to survive gown shopping with your family.

We have found that during most appointments it is not the bride’s yes moment, but her family’s!

Now we get it! It’s just as important for your family to cry when they see you on your big day as it is the groom… but there are a few things we’d like to advise if you are beginning to look for what we feel is the second most important YES in your life.

The “I Do” Crew

Remember that “two is a crowd and three is a party” is not an applicable phrase in wedding boutiques. Unfortunately, the more people you bring along, the more you are going to feel the need for each persons approval. In all reality, your mother, closest sibling, maid of honor, and/or the grooms mother are an ideal group.

Do It for YOU

Try to remind yourself who’s day this is! Whether the members of your entourage are married or not shouldn’t matter! We cannot stress enough that it is YOUR dress, YOUR day, YOUR husband, and YOUR life!

Make the Uninvited Feel Included

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be a part of the entire gown process. We know and you know, that even Great Aunt Betty twice removed wants to help find the perfect gown. However, in all reality most bridal boutiques are not meant for football teams and cheer-leading squads. Save time, space, and feelings by letting those who insist on attending that you’d like the dress to remain a surprise. If you’re feeling generous, a face time call is always a delight!

Saying “YES”

Almost every bride comes in thinking that they are going to have this huge dramatic moment and we’re here to tell you that it’s OK if you don’t! 90% of our brides don’t shed a single tear and neither do their families. So if while on your gown journey the water works never come… don’t let that stop you from purchasing a a gown you really love!


Whether you find your dress with us or another boutique, we want to wish you best of luck this season. Remember that finding a gown is just like finding your soulmate, it may take time but when you finally find it… It will be well worth it!