Are you looking for a gown that is different from the rest-one that has beautiful artistry, unique elements, and gorgeous details? Well, look no further! We have the perfect designer for you!


Here are 5 Reasons to Look Lovely in Liancarlo on your Wedding Day:

1) The Artistry

Designer, Carlos Ramirez had always had a heart for art and fashion. Inspired by his immigrant mother, Carlos put his passions aside to pursue a law degree. However, his passion to create only grew over time. Instead of interning at a law firm, Carlos decided to see if he could make something out of his desire to create fashion and sold a few sample gowns that he created from his mother’s sewing room. It quickly became more than a hobby as it began to over take his life.

Before Carlos creates each gown, he takes the time to paint it. He wants to see how the colors and the movement appear on paper before he creates it in real life. You can see the artistry in each Liancarlo gown as the beautiful metallic thread, Italian laces, and crystal details come together to create a masterpiece.

Liancarlo Gowns

2) The Fabrics 

Liancarlo uses the best quality fabrics that set them apart from many other designers. Italian tulle and lace, Swarovski crystals, metallic thread, and illusion necklines are what Liancarlo is most known for. Many of the details you find on Liancarlo gowns are hand-stitched with care to ensure absolute perfection. You will experience amazing high-quality gowns, and believe me, you can tell the difference in quality!

lace close up with caption

3) Made in the USA

The Liancarlo collection is made in Miami, Florida. With the way the bridal industry and our world is today, very few items are made here in the United States. This will ensure that you will be receiving the highest quality gown and do not have to worry about the shipping process overseas. Carlos takes pride in inspecting each gown before it is sent out to make sure that it came out exactly how he envisioned. This kind of attention to detail is what makes Liancarlo stand out about the rest.

made in the usa

4) Unique Elements

Carlos states that he is immune to complacency and reluctant to follow the fast-fading bridal trends. He chooses to take a different path by always incorporating timelessness in each of his gowns. The stunning illusion necklines using metallic thread, embroidery, and beading are what make Liancarlo truly unique. He perfectly combines elegance and timelessness with unique elements that you will not find anywhere else.

Liancarlo Ballgown

5) Inevitable Elegance

Liancarlo tries to accomplish elegance and timelessness in each gown. From the slim-fitted trumpet gowns, to the light and airy ballgowns, you will be sure to find the perfect gown for you. When I ask many brides what they are looking for in a gown, most of them will mention the idea of timelessness. No one wants to look back at their wedding photos and regret a trendy gown. However, at the same time, brides  often want to be remembered for having an element of uniqueness to their gown choice. Liancarlo perfectly marries the two factors to make an elegant gown that will never lose it’s beauty.

In an interview, Carlos stated, “I want people to remember how beautiful the bride was, not what a beautiful dress the bride wore”. In that, Carlos wants the focus to be on YOU-the bride, the gowns will just accentuate all that is beautiful about you!

Liancarlo 6815 black and white


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