Finding the perfect wedding gown is a huge step in the planning process. Many brides have dreamed of this day since they were a little girl, others have rarely worn dresses before, but somehow, when you find your dream wedding gown, everything falls into place. One thing we recommend to brides as they search for their gown is to keep in mind the venue or destination of the wedding. Many times, this plays a key role in finding the gown of your dreams. There are certain gowns that truly go with the theme and venue of your wedding. It is important to keep and open mind, but also know your vision.

Here are 5 Venues & our Recommended Wedding Gowns:

1) The Rustic Barn Venue


It is no secret that this venue has become extremely popular over the past few years. Many brides are steering away from the traditional wedding hall to bring a more relaxed element to their wedding day. The barn venue is perfect for a bride who wants something romantic, layed back, but also beautiful. There are many different ways to “dress up” a barn venue to really make it an elegant look and feel.


Modern Trousseau Honey

Modern Trousseau ‘Honey’ : We recommend all lace gowns for a timeless, yet rustic feel.

Jim Hjelm all lace gown

Jim Hjelm lace gown



2) The Destination Beach Venue

This is a fun and different experience that also creates a wonderful get-away for your closest family and friends. The beach wedding is stunning in it’s own right, because nature speaks for itself. The beauty of the ocean and the breeze creates a stunning look as your dress flows through the wind.



Nicole Miller Hampton

Nicole Miller ‘Hampton’ . We recommend lightweight fabrics and sleek silhouettes for an outdoor beach wedding

Eddy K Fiji

Eddy K Fiji gown

3) The Woodland Wonderland Venue

These weddings are some of the most beautiful! The outdoor, woodland wedding is whimsical, romantic, and etheral. This is another venue that speaks for itself by involving elements of nature to create a beautiful look. By hanging string lights, lanterns, and floral arrangements, this can be extremely stunning. This style venue also goes perfectly with the trendy bohemian look by combining a flower crown instead of a veil.


Tara Keely 2601

Tara Keely 2601: We reccomend a whimsical, romantic gown that’s airy

Naida K. in a Boho Flower Crown

4) The Vintage Glam Venue

This venue is more of a traditional route and perfect for the bride who wants a glamorous wedding. With crystal chandeliers, high ceilings, and dramatic views, this venue is truly breathtaking. This is the perfect venue to incorporate  an art deco theme for a vintage, 1920’s feel.


our bride-carolyn looking beautiful in the black-and-white vintage theme

our bride-carolyn looking beautiful in the black-and-white vintage theme


detailed bridal customizations

Detailed customization.

5) The Wildcard Venue

These venues are unique and creative. Zoos, museums, and libraries have become more popular and truly create a different element. The atmosphere for your guests will be fun, and in many cases, interactive. This venue will leave a lasting impression on your guests and your wedding will always be memorable!


Modern Trousseau 'Laurell'

Modern Trousseau ‘Laurell’: We reccomend something out of the box with a fun, layered skirt!

Unique wedding gowns

A unique back for a unique wedding

So now that you have booked your venue, it is time to decide what type of gown you feel fits in with your vision! We love helping brides find the gown of their dreams and one that they can truly picture themselves walking down the aisle in. There are no rules to weddings, so have fun and go find your dream gown!