It’s no secret that greenery has taken the bridal world by storm. This year, Pantone named greenery the 2017 color of the year, bringing all of the attention to the beauty of greenery! Instead of merely being an accent to a large bouquet, greenery is now the central focal point. We LOVE this trend.

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Here are 4 reasons to Go Green(ery) for your wedding day:

1) Naturally Effortless

Greenery is soft, effortless, and organic. Adding elements of greenery throughout your wedding adds a beautiful eco-friendly and organic look to your wedding day. The natural look is also extremely romantic!greenery2) Beautiful Backdrop

The photos speak for themselves!

pexels-photo-136422 pexels-photo-177328 pexels-photo-395134

3) Very Versatile

Greenery and foliage is a year-round, easily accessible decor item. Greenery can be used for winter, summer, spring or fall to compliment the decor that goes with that season. Unlike flowers, greenery is available year-round and you do not have to worry about it being out of season for your wedding. From winter pine to spring succulents, you cannot go wrong with green! Greenery also compliments every color palette beautifully-from neutrals and pastels, to jewel-tones and vibrant colors-greenery adds the perfect amount of detail to add to or neutralize the look.

pexels-photo-265837 pexels-photo-226145

4) Budget-Friendly

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on floral arrangements, spend way less by choosing to go green(ery).

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